Rest and Silence!

I got the ashes for my recently deceased cat Rufus and have been deciding what to do with them. My friend John directed me to a website called Bubbling Well—Pet Memorial Park for ideas, but ultimately it just made me laugh. Why would I want a resin cat that looks nothing like my actual cat? The way they have written “Faithful Feline” in quotes suggests that it’s all a lie. Clearly, this Sandy was a terror. Also, note that it is only available in an attractive cream color, not the unattractive color of your dead pet.

So, I’m deciding what NOT to do with my dead Rufus when a older lady comes knocking on my door. She is doing campaign work for Richard Bloom, who is running for the Assembly in my district. The woman tells me that Bloom has local ties to the community and that his family lives in the neighborhood. She also tells me about the weaknesses of his opponent. She tells me about Bloom’s work in Santa Monica, but she keeps coming back to his ties to the neighborhood. The more I enquirer about his accomplishments, the more she tells me that he’s local. Finally, after about five minutes of skirting the issue, the woman looks at me and says, “He’s from Hollywood. He’s from the nighborhood. You know, Jewish!”

For my Broadway fans, I ran into Laura Benanti at Hugo’s last weekend. I was waiting to be seated, when the therapist of tv’s Go On placed a take-out order at the register. She was wearing the typical celebrity baseball cap disguise and was buried in her iphone. I waited until they called my table before I gushed compliments all over her. I’ve learned that if you compliment a star on a television show or a movie, you come off as a typical fan. BUT if you compliment them on their stage work, her Tony winning performance as Gypsy Rose Lee for example, they light up like a marquee sign. I was lucky enough to see her in both Gypsy and Into the Woods and she is fantastic on stage. Now I can add that she is also sweet in person.

I have been following the show Silence! The Musical, the unauthorized parody of The Silence of the Lambs, since I listened to tracks on the internet several years ago. It went from a concept piece to a still-running Off Broadway musical, which has now spawned a Los Angeles production. I had high expectations for the potential laughs in this show and they were all exceeded. The musical is campy and hysterical. It’s not at all scary, but I’m warning you—It’s very, very dirty. Don’t bring your mothers, except for my friend Gabi who can bring his mom Brenda, because she has a potty mouth too. Run to the Hayworth Theater and see Silence while you can! (For cheaper seats try