Golden Boys


It has been a busy and fun few weeks since last we spoke. Albert and I spent a very fun Valentine’s weekend in Palm Springs with our friends Gabi and Glenn by the pool and shopping the strip. We stopped at Starbucks on Palm Canyon to have a coffee and people-watch before driving home. I should now remind you that Albert never recognizes anyone.

We are sitting enjoying our lattes when I see Rufus Wainwright approaching with his adorable daughter. Rufus is one of my favorite singer-songwriters (I named my first cat after him) and I am casually freaking out. He is wearing a sweater that has been turned into leggings, and she is wearing a simple denim dress. They look like poor hippies. I look at Albert wide-eyed and whisper, “Do you know who that is?”

“Who? That little Amish girl?”

“No, not the little Amish girl. The little waif’s dad! It’s Rufus Wainwright!”

Albert is also a fan, so now he is as star-struck as I am. I should also add that we tend to leave celebrities alone in Los Angeles. I figured not many people would recognize him, we are not technically in LA, and I was not going to miss my opportunity to exchange words with this musical genius.

As he walks into the coffee shop, I stop him and say, “Excuse me, I’m a huge fan, and I just wanted tell you that your daughter is beautiful.” She has long blonde hair and porcelain skin. Rufus looks at me with a devilish grin, tosses his hair, and says, “Well, she takes after her father.”

The little girl is clearly used to this, and tosses her own hair at her father. “But my hair is longer, Daddy.” Rufus looks back at me laughing, and says, “But her hair is longer.”

I have read about little Viva and have heard songs written about her, including the brilliant Montauk, so it was thrill to meet her. She is the baby of Rufus with Leonard Cohen’s daughter, so she has amazing music potential in her blood. It somehow makes me happy that this little Amish girl could be Baby Gaga.

My other recent star sightings have been less glamorous. We spotted Rip Taylor at the IHOP in WeHo, Anthony Bourdain at the Tender Greens in Hollywood, and “the tan lady” at the Veggie Grill. She looked ridiculously dark, and mentally unbalanced. The media had consumed her and spit her back out near the Cinerama Dome.

On a more fun note, the Academy just gave out movie awards, and we celebrated by throwing an Oscar bash. My food spread included Patricia Baguettes with Mark Buffalo dip, and Julianne Smoores for dessert. Albert wired the house for tvs and lit up the yard and house with colored lights. The wysteria and jasmine were in full bloom to scent the party like candy. It was a week of setting up and week of cleaning up afterwards, but always worth it to party with new and old friends. Also, my favorite movie of the year actually took the Best Picture award. Go Birdman!

I am thrilled that our house has been featured in a new lifestyle magazine called Labor of Love. It is a specialty publication that looks at the lives and homes of creative people, and I am honored to be included with people that are much more talented than myself. You can download the premier issue for FREE for the month of March at the link below. Or, if you can, please purchase your copy today and help support this creative endeavour! Did I mention that I’m in it?

Spring Showstoppers


Per usual, I have been too busy to blog at you people, so let me catch you up. There are just too many entertainment possibilities in Southern California to do them all, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

We caught a one night only show called Return to Grey Gardens put on by Peaches Christ at the Wilshire Ebell Theater. It starred last year’s winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jinkx Monsoon channeling Little Edie, and it was hysterical. Jinkx goes beyond camp in her acting abilities, and can sing like a Broadway star in a woman’s voice, which is pretty amazing. I saw a brilliant mash-up done by Peaches Christ years ago called Rocky Horror Superstar, which was equally freaky and wonderful, so I look forward to more of her theatrical drag productions.

We went downtown twice this week for shows. Friday night we caught Rufus Wainwright’s tour at The Orpheum and it was fantastic. I have been listening to his music for years and this “best of” show made me realize the sheer volume of his catalogue. His younger sister Lucy opened the show and she is adorable and funny, as much a comedian as a musician. I’m a fan of Rufus’ voice, which many people are not, but his songwriting ability is unbelievable. There are not many modern artists that reviewers regularly compare to Cole Porter. Bring it.

Last night we went downtown to the historic United Artists Theater at the new Ace Hotel. We went for a Cinespia screening of 1982’s Tron, which was almost impossible to sit through because it is so damn bad. The theater, however, is stunning, and, without a doubt, the most beautiful I have ever seen. If you get a chance to see something in this Spanish Gothic 1927 gem take it, unless it’s the movie Tron.

This week we also headed to Westwood to catch Annette Bening in Ruth Draper’s Monologues. I am a huge fan of Bening, and she did not disappoint in this one-woman acting showcase. I was not familiar with Draper, or her monologues written between 1920 and 1956, which are wonderful and feel completely contemporary. Bening plays four completely different characters, and acts and reacts to an empty stage that she fills with her skill alone. The show runs through May 18, if you want to check it out at The Geffen.

We also went to Coachella this year, so a big thank you to Steve for the VIP tickets! This years celebrity encounters included Lindsay Lohan, who was alone and made me sad, Jamie Foxx, Kellan Lutz, and the gorgeous Florence Welch. We had seen many of the acts in past years, but Coachella is always a blast in the desert. Even with all of the brilliant headliners like Arcade Fire, my favorite act of the year was a classic—The Pet Shops Boys.

This past Sunday was Easter and we were invited to our friend Megan’s for a brunch on the rooftop of the historic Hollywood Tower. Albert and I thought it would be small, intimate group of people, and decided to wear our very large bunny costumes…for kicks. It ended up being a huge, fun bash and the rabbits were quite a hit. Cheri Oteri was one of the guests, and at one point was seducing Albert in his bunny costume, making for an unforgettable Easter.