Alabama Shaking

My friend Megan invited me to a free Alabama Shakes mini-concert on the rooftop of the historic Hollywood Tower yesterday. It was mine and Albert’s 16 year anniversary, so I decided to take a break from work and celebrate….with Megan. I normally don’t drink on a Tuesday afternoon, but they had an open bar and I needed something to wash my free burgers down with.

Megan is a crack-up and always has an eclectic mix of people at her place. Yesterday I met a girl named Jennifer who is getting certified in cheese. I love cheese but didn’t think that this was something I could further my education in. I was wrong, so clearly I learned a little something with my concert going and beer drinking.

The actual Alabama Shakes concert was sold-out before I could get a ticket, so I was thrilled with the three-song performance. The lead singer’s Joplin-esque voice screams from her soul. You can’t tell from listening if she’s a man or woman, white or black, and it doesn’t matter. It also wasn’t bad that there were only about 75 people invited, and we were spitting distance from the band.

We were also peeing distance from the Alabama Shakes because they played directly outside of Megan’s bathroom window. As I looked up from the toilet, I had to snap a picture of her good luck shrine, complete with a four-leaf clover and severed finger. The band is playing only feet away and she has a cast of characters in her apartment, so her sticky note reminder to “meditate” seems next to impossible to accomplish (below). If I’m the one intended to meditate, it will definitely cause a bathroom line.

Also, thanks to Gabi for throwing an excellent pool party on Saturday. It has been really hot here, so the pool and grazing on your delicious spread in your air-conditioning were a nice cool down.

On a completely different note, Albert and I went to a couple restaurants in the last week that were excellent. Neither of them is new to town, but they’re both really good and worth a visit. First, we went to Prado for Caribbean on Larchmont. I can never make up my mind and want to eat everything on a menu, but they have delicious combination plates, so you can do just that. We also visited Mohawk Bend in Echo Park last night. They have amazing vegetarian fair, like buffalo cauliflower that I want to eat more of, and great burgers and pizzas.

We were there celebrating our anniversary, so I will close with Happy Anniversary Albert Day. I am so thankful that I happened to walk into that club 16 years ago and found you, because you have changed my life. I could not love you more.