Sporty Spice




It has been a week of exciting sports, words I may never write again. First, I have been enjoying the Olympics since the stunning opening ceremony last Friday night. The digital projections were gorgeous, and I loved the mass waltzing and the giant fantasy Saint Petersburg. My favorite was the flock of spinning, glowing, jellyfish dandelion dancers that spun like dervishes to Rite of Spring. Yeah, no gays in Russia.

I have friends that have been boycotting the Olympics because of Russia’s policies toward gays. We don’t want your kids! Yes, they are still living with an archaic cold war mentality, and I hope that changes, but to me the Olympics are about coming together…to publicly beat each other up. I think it is a disservice to our American athletes, straight and gay, to not root for them, which I have been doing loudly from my couch. More, it is disservice to the people missing them because they are exciting, and beautiful, and just plain insane, but totally awe and all inspiring.

Second piece of sports that made the news is that potential NFL draft football player Michael Sam came out of the closet. The commentary has been fascinating to listen to, particularly hearing some straight men imagining themselves in gay sneakers for the first time, and how that homophobia might feel. The one thing that most of the media isn’t picking up, which I think is the key element, is that he has had improved performance on the field since coming out. Live your truth to be your best, people. Good for Michael Sam and good for football.

Other words of advice for the week, if you see a little spot on your kitchen ceiling, leave it alone. You cannot clean that one little spot without leaving a bigger spot, which is significantly cleaner than the rest of the ceiling, so now you have to at least clean to the edges. And good luck cleaning that edge to the corner without hitting the wall, which is also clearly dirtier than the now sparkling ceiling. Now you have to do all the walls too, and an entire day is out the window.

Has anybody seen the commercials for Latuda? I’m pretty sure it’s for bipolar disorder but it sounds like a ghetto girl name. “Hey Latuda, take your pills and cheer up, girl!” The commercial is brilliant because of the overlay of symptoms from the drugs, which includes all the basics plus shaking, inability to keep still, and mask-like facial expression! Well that sounds like a nightmare. Poor Latuda.

This weeks star sighting: Will Ferrell at my gym. He is a giant man, and it is hard not to laugh watching his trainer make the big elf do stuff.

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day. Spread some love and eat some chocolate.