Art Isn’t Easy


There is a photo shoot happening at my house today, which is very exciting. My friend Toban who is an artist/photographer is taking some fashion publicity pictures of our friend Maggie, who is an up and coming stand-up comedian. They’re going for a Valley of the Dolls theme, so Maggie is being styled in vintage 60’s fashions, and I’m considering popping some pills. She looked fierce, so I can’t wait to see the final pictures.

tile2Speaking of art, please note the cracked tile in the picture. In 1995 I started singing on cruise ships, and decided to buy pieces from local artists on my travels. I was sailing in and out of Vancouver, so my first purchase was this tile from Canadian artist Sid Dickens. I liked the faux cracks and the Byzantine B, and it was only about $75, so I could actually afford it. Recently, I was hanging some inexpensive prints on our bedroom wall, and I heard a crash coming from the next room. It was the sound of my Sid Dickens tile falling off the adjacent wall and chunks of the plaster breaking off.

I then decided to look online to see if he was still selling tiles. I learned that, not only is he still making them, but they are limited editions and very collectible. My tile was one of his first editions, and one of them sold last year for $1,200. So, let me make this clear—fake cracks can sell for over a grand, but real cracks are worthless!