La Cage and a Lifestyle Lift


I have a bunch of excuses for not blogging including vacation, the Olympics, and my computer being down because of a television shoot at the house. Really, it’s general laziness, combined with the above excuses. So, let’s get to catching you up on a bunch of fun things going on around town.

Albert and I caught the national tour of La Cage Aux Folles at the Pantages Theater. La Cage is a musical based on the same source material as the film The Birdcage and it’s hysterical. First let me say that George Hamilton is charming as a hell, but way too old to be playing Georges, the Robin Williams part in the film. I really questioned whether he would live through our performance, let alone an entire tour. The other lead, Christopher Sieber as Albin, is worth the price of admission alone. He is really spectacular and gave me a moment in the theater I will not forget. At the beginning of his “I Am What I Am” number, he takes the audience from belly laughs to tears of pain and sorrow in about one minute of acting genius. If that’s not enough, the Cagelles, the drag queen chorus of the show, do a bunch of crazy acrobatic dance numbers in wigs and high heels. Let’s hope they’re not all on crutches by the time the tour reaches your town.

I went to my first Dodgers’ game a couple Fridays ago. I promised I wouldn’t talk about sports in this blog, but Albert’s company graciously treated us to tickets, food, and beer. I had never been to Dodger stadium and its actually really pretty, nestled nicely into the SoCal landscape. Well, we lasted about two innings because baseball is as dull as I remember. All of those men in costumes and not one damn dance number or song! Damn Yankees it was not, so we ate our dogs, drank our beers, and ran through the parking lot trying not to get randomly beat up.

I went downtown last Friday and heard one of my favorite local bands The Belle Brigade (above) play a lunch concert. It was part of Grand Performances at the California Plaza and they do a bunch of free shows, so check out for more information.

Finally, I just saw a commercial for Lifestyle Lift on television. It begins with Debby Boone singing her 1977 hit “You Light Up My Life,” which plays repeatedly over a bunch of before and after pictures of facial surgery. If that’s not enough to entice you, they offer recipients of the Lifestyle Lift two free tickets to a Debby Boone concert! I kid you not. Where is this concert and what year does it take place? Yes, I was on the fence about getting an entire new face but I really wanted to hear Debby sing again.