Rock Star

My friend Rob came to visit from San Francisco for his birthday. We spent most of the weekend laughing over drinks and old stories, but did manage to leave the house a few times as well. We had lunch at The Abbey with a girlfriend who is quite in the know about celebrity gossip, which I shall freely pass on to you. Our friend (whose name I’m protecting) gets waxed by the same woman who rips the unwanted hair out of The Kardashians, and claims the family keeps her in business because they are furry like Ewoks. Well, you know how Bruce Jenner’s face looked strangely pulled for the first couple seasons, and now his eyebrows are arched like a drag queen? Waxing lady claims that Bruce started transitioning to become a woman before the show ever started taping, but he was told to quit because the show got picked up. The show was supposed to be about the sexy young sisters and not an old man turning into an old woman. So, Bruce agreed to stay Bruce for a couple years for the sake of the famous family. Apparently the show has lasted longer than expected and Bruce is done waiting. Allegedly (hello lawyers), he is taking lady hormones again. Are you thinking Oh My God yet? I believe that would make him the first gold medal winning transexual reality star to grace the front of a Wheaties cereal box, ever. Go Bruce…or Beverly!

We also brought Rob to LACMA to see Levitated Mass, LA’s new giant boulder sculpture. The piece is great addition to the lawn of the museum, and feels significant and powerful because of it’s scale. Before the boulder opened to the public, they had it covered with a huge tarp to protect it from the elements. There is something funny to me about protecting a rock that has survived unprotected, all on it’s own, for a billion years. It’s like a magic trick—before the tarp it’s just a rock, but after the tarp it’s art. Poof!

Albert and I also went to NOHO to check out The Great Wall of Los Angeles. It’s an expansive mural, primarily designed and painted by students, which traces the history of California. It’s located at the corner of Coldwater Canyon and Burbank Blvd, painted along the sides of a river wash. It’s free and worth a stroll, but it ends with the 80’s Olympics, so it’s time for somebody to get painting!