Boulder Bust


Our friends Glen and Steve invited us to their house in Joshua Tree for a party they call Boulder Bust. Their home is mid-century modern desert perfection with one of my favorite pools ever. It was essentially a weekend of drinking with gay bears in a beautiful national park.

They had bands and DJ’s playing on a stage they built into the huge rocks. We all camped under pine trees, which they had strung with carnival lights. At night they had laser projections lighting up the entire side of their mountain, which was beautiful and I’m sure freaked out the wildlife. It was a really fun weekend of beer and BBQ, and when Albert and I were helping clean up, we found the biggest dead scorpion I have ever seen. Thanks to Glen and Steve for their hospitality, and thanks to whichever bear stomped on the scorpion.

Completely unrelated, but look what I found in my backyard yesterday! After I unsuccessfully tried to feed it, I found the neighbor that it actually belonged to and returned it. He had been missing for a couple weeks, but maybe it took him that long to walk the 20 feet from next door.