Marabou and Movies

Our new kitten Max has fondly taken to marabou. He’s often dragging around large pieces of feather boas that he finds in the costume closet, so we’re also calling him Maxine. We love our new drag kitty!

I’ve had a week of movies and have some quick reviews for you. Our house is very close to Paramount Studios, where they are doing some big redevelopment project. To keep the neighbors happy during the construction, which I have not been bothered by at all, they invited us to a screening of Flight at their theater on the lot. I of course considered dressing as Norma Desmond, because I cannot drive through that gate without thinking of Sunset Boulevard, but I decided against a mid-week costume.

Flight is pretty darn good, not great, but worth seeing. Denzel Washington, and the acting across the board for that matter, is excellent. The plane crash sequences at the beginning are fantastic but the movie is a bit disjointed. It starts as an action movie but turns into a fairly predictable film about AA, which oddly glamorizes drugs.

We also went to two movies as part of the AFI film festival. The first was the world premier of Hitchcock at The Chinese, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as the famous director during the making of Psycho. He is great, and both he and his makeup people are sure to be up for Oscars this year. He should be joined in awards season by Helen Mirren for her fiery performance as his wife in the film, which is essentially a love story.  I loved the entire movie—the screenplay, the sets, the costumes, and predict that it will be nominated for Best Picture.

The second movie was also great, and is sure to be another Oscar contender. We went to The Egyptian and saw Silver Linings Playbook, an incredibly funny movie about bipolar disorder. It’s like a RomCom with rage and rumba dancing, and I loved it. It stars the handsome Bradley Cooper, who actually introduced the film, in his best performance to date. He plays opposite the equally talented Jennifer Lawrence from Winter’s Bone and Hunger Games. I always expect her to fight everybody to the death now.

This weekend we’re headed to Bond, James Bond, so more on that later. My star sighting for the week was Jeff Daniels at Trader Joe’s yesterday. Also, apparently my house aired on Dexter this week, so fans of the show should look for it. We get broken into!