Day of the Dead Mormon

So, our President is still running the country, so hopefully we won’t have to hear from non-inclusive Romney anymore.  When will people learn that the parties worth going to are the ones where everyone is invited, and there’s no velvet rope with VIPs? No matter whom you wanted to win, the important thing is that it is over!

Speaking of ridiculous Mormons, Albert and I finally got to see The Book of Mormon at The Pantages, and the show is as funny as you’ve heard. It is also so hysterically dirty that I’m very curious how the tour will play across our God-fearing country. In addition to it’s witty South Park sense of humor, the musical is also very sweet and smart. Unfortunately, there was an idiot sitting behind me laughing so crazy hard, and at odd places I might add, that I missed most of Act 1. Not only that, but everyone kept looking at me as if I was the one with the braying, maniacal laugh, as opposed to the annoyed guy who waited forever for a good seat, only to have the show nearly ruined by said man. Hello!

Also, Halloween happened, and what a trick of a treat that was. We danced at Halloweenie, a benefit on the set of True Blood, and partied at Don and Taylor’s bash in Silver Lake. The holiday wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Hollywood Forever cemetery for their Day of the Dead celebration, which was beautiful.

Of course, Halloween is all about costumes, so I’ll let the drunken pictures speak for themselves. To see more pictures from Day of the Dead, click the link:

To see more pictures from the Halloween party, click the link: