Welcome and Hello

Hello WordPress readers and welcome to my world. My name is Billy Lambrinides and I’m inviting you to come out with me and have some fun in Los Angeles.

I started this blog a few years ago because my partner Albert, who I adore but who rarely stops speaking, interrupts my stories. Now he can’t. We live in Hollywood in a 1920’s California bungalow that we lovingly restored and share with our 2 cats, Rufus and The Rat.

I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, where my family still resides. I have lived in San Francisco, Boston, and New York City. The blog was initially intended to keep me in touch with friends I’ve made along the way, but has evolved into an entertainment source for anyone living in or visiting Hollywood. If something sounds funny, smart, interesting, or delicious, I’ll probably be checking it out and telling you about it. In addition, If you like drinking, music, comedy, art, or Broadway shows, this is definitely the place for you. If you’re a sports fan, not so much.

Also, hello to my regular Out Like a Lamb readers. You may notice by the new design that I’ve cyber-moved! Some of you had trouble viewing my photos before, so I hope this new platform will clear that up.