RIP, Dad

vetI stopped blogging again, but this time I have an actual excuse. My dad died. Everything stops when somebody dies. It’s really the only unplanned thing that stops the world for a large group of people.

I’m not really ready to tell you the story yet. I process things by making them comedy, and I’m not ready to do that yet. My dad was progressively getting worse over the last 8 years, so I thought in the end it would all be easier than it was. I will say that I was sick with grief and then overwhelmed with love, both of which are a lot to take in. I was also reminded just how connected we all are, all of us.

So, my dad died on August 25. He would have been 88 on October 19, and then Dia de Los Muertos and All Saints Day were earlier this month, so he has been on my mind. Today is Veterans Day, and my dad served during the Korean War and had a military send off at his funeral. So again, he is on my mind. I miss him all the time.

I was sick of being sad, sick of things stopping and ending. So, I decided to learn something new, something I’ve always wanted to do, and have a new beginning. I turned to the thing that always gives me joy — music, and, for the first time in my life, I am taking piano lessons. I’ve had 5 half-hour lessons at the Hollywood Academy of Music on Melrose with a Filipino lady, and I’m terrible. She pokes me and says, “No, Beely!” and “Sit up straight, Beely,” and I absolutely love it. My lesson book is called “Adult Piano Adventures” which I think sounds like I’ll be learning to play music to accompany porn. In actuality, my piano adventure sound much like what I imagine Hellen Keller’s piano adventures would have sounded like. Noise.

There is an 8-year old Chinese girl I can hear in the lesson before me, who plays like Mozart, which makes me feel completely inept. She’s also adorable, so I totally hate her. I walk in after her, smile at my very patient teacher, and start banging out “Camptown Races” until I get poked. If my dad is watching, I’m sure he is laughing at me, and smart enough to leave the room for the next half an hour.

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