A New Year


The large green plastic Slurpee cup (above) is the last thing a captured varmint sees before being freed to the outside or drifting off to their death. This is Max’s first mouse capture, before Albert got the little guy out of our kitten’s mouth. Since then Albert has also saved a tiny bird, which made it out alive. Hummingbirds rarely survive, and I spent the first day of 2013 vacuuming tiny feathers off of my entry hall carpet. Happy New Year! Well, I guess when you are cleaning up a murder on the first of January the year can only get better.

We spent New Year’s Eve at our friend Shane’s place, and then walked around the bars of West Hollywood. I, of course, am now trying to lose all of my holiday cookie weight, as well as working on my resolution to look younger. I don’t believe in cosmetic surgery or products, so I’m thinking witchcraft or sorcery of some sort. That, or I have to find a way to make everyone else look older.

Oscar nominations came out this morning, lead by Lincoln and Life of Pi. I hated the first and loved the second. I’m thrilled that Beasts of the Southern Wild got recognized, and am a little surprised that Moonrise Kingdom and Hitchcock didn’t fare better. With that said, Albert and I saw Les Miserables and liked it a lot, myself crying at least a half a dozen times. Anne Hathaway’s performance, which should earn her gold, is reason enough to see the mega movie musical.

For anybody in LA, Dragstrip 66’s 20th anniversary party is this Saturday night. I will see you beautiful freaks at The Echoplex!

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