A Kitten!

I am typing this with a new bundle of love on my lap. Introducing our new kitten—Max Von Holstein. Albert and I went to a couple different shelters looking to adopt a new friend for The Rat. We were initially choosing by appearance, and I was looking for a tabby, which we haven’t had before. Well, when we met Max, who is a few months older than what we were looking for and NOT a tabby, he made it clear we were to take him home. He jumped into both of our arms and immediately started purring. When we left the room and watched through the glass, he was the only kitten loudly meowing at the door for us to come back and get him. We did.

Of course, two days later he has a kennel cold and we already had to bring him to the vet. He’s on antibiotics and is doing fine, sleeping on my lap. Max is adorable and The Rat is not happy that a new cat is in the house. We’re trying to slowly work them into being friends but the fatty Ratty is currently afraid of the seven pound, sneezing ball of fur.

Just when you didn’t think this blog entry could get any gayer than Albert and I adopting a kitten, let me share a story. I recently purchased an album on Amazon.com, not knowing that Albert had converted us to their cloud system. Because of this, I could not download the album that I had just purchased to our computer. Apparently only one of us can be considered the owner of the computer, which is bullshit.

I called Amazon and went off on the customer service lady. “What do you mean, we can’t share the same computer? We’re domestic partners!”

“Sir, there can only be one person allocated to a machine, not two.”

“So, if we were married we couldn’t share the same computer?” I inquired, assuming this was the case.

“No Sir, only one person per machine is the new policy.”

“Oh, can you refund my last album purchase then, if I can’t access it?”

“Yes, of course, what is the album?”

“Um, Barbra Streisand’s Release Me.”

“Yes, we will refund your money and remove Barbra Streisand from your cloud.” As she was responding, I was thinking that might win the award for the gayest conversation of her day.

Completely unrelated, thank you to Russ and Sven for throwing an excellent Octoberfest party on Saturday afternoon. We also went to a haunted mansion on Saturday night in West Adams, which was very fun. It was called Delusion: The Blood Rite, and Neil Patrick Harris was one of the producers. It was a theatrical show with creepy actors taking you on a dilapidated house tour with cinematic special effects.

Also completely unrelated, I worked out at Gold’s Gym yesterday next to Will Ferrell. He was sporting a mustache, so I have a feeling Anchorman Ron Burgundy is coming back to the screen sometime soon.

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